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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  September 21, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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quarterbacking to do. >> it will be cool as we head back to work. a little breezy out there. pleasant weather but there could be rain8(uq) this week. we'll also keep a close eye on the forecast for the historic weekend ahead. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm chris cato. no pressure on meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz and the other forecasters with 1.5 million coming this weekend. glenn, it's nice this morning. >> yes. and it's not a slam dunk for a forecast for the upcoming weekend as we'll explain a little later. we have the flags blowing, the cooler air is blowing in here right now. we have clouds moving in from the other direction, high up in the atmosphere. they could produce a couple of sprinkles later on during the day. but this is a more impressive area in southwestern virginia. temperatures now are in the 50s
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in many of the suburban areas. 60s elsewhere. and as we go through the day today we're going to be seeing mostly cloudy skies, the northeast winds going to continue, keeping it cool. only 71 degrees by 1:00. seven-day forecast is coming up next. jessica. >> and glenn, we're watching an accident that popped up on 95 now. so these are cameras between academy road and cottman avenue. you can see the accident scene in here, there is police activity as well on the southbound side. you approach the center city area where we see volume and traffic in the morning, additionally we're dealing with the work zone, so we do have lanes and shoulders with construction in the area. you can see that reflected in here. you can see some of the signs and all of that backup behind there is really going to create a problem for the morning commuters. i'll have drive times for you on 95.
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it's a huge week in philadelphia. world meeting of families starts tomorrow. lots of people already in town for that. then the pope of course arrives on saturday. >> this is the big week. are you ready for things like parking restrictions and thousands of people converging on center city? you better be. matt delucia is live in fairmount where the parking restrictions are already in place. the tow trucks are out. >> reporter: they are. towing is under way. we're here at 22nd and the parkway, right in the heart of the pope zone if you will. you can see that the parkway here is shut down as it has been for a while now. here a week ago there were some cars that were parked on the side streets. not any more. you see the fences are lined up along the parkway, no cars coming through this way at this point. take a look, we have video from last night where we saw tow trucks moving in. relocating all of the vehicles, the first tow away zone went into effect last night at 6:00.
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the next tow away zone this morning at 9:00. they fan out from the parkway and keep going until wednesday. i spoke with several people who live here around center city. they have been picking up placards at the parking authority office in center city, effort to keep their cars from being towed. some folks say they aren't sticking around. >> all of those people. it's too crowded for me so i want to be able to do something so i'm going to the shore. >> are you planning to stay? >> yes, we are. it's going to be an adventure. we're going to be home, just take it easy for a couple days. >> reporter: those placards you have to pick up, they cost about $20 to park in one of the city parking garages. that will get you parked in that garage for the entire weekend. or you have to find somewhere else to go. because you can't park here. that's for sure. and again, here live on the parkway, you see here by 22nd street they have all of these fences, this is where they are
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expecting a lot of people later on this weekend. and you see they are getting ready. i'll come over here. you see all of the preparations under way now. the stage is just about a block or two down in that direction. so a lot of work has been under way here for the past several days, that will continue for quite a while. live in center city, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> history is upon us. thank you, matt. pope francis is still in cuba where history was made yesterday. an outdoor mass and then a meeting with fidel castro. the two exchanged gifts and talked for about 40 minutes. it was really the mass yesterday that may have had the most lasting effect on the faithful there. an estimated 300,000 people attended at havana's historic revolution square. the pope will stay in cuba until tomorrow, then he heads to washington, d.c. tomorrow afternoon, and then it's on to new york on thursday before he concludes his trip in philadelphia arriving saturday morning. stay with nbc 10 for complete
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coverage of the world meeting of families this week and the pope's historic visit. check the nbc 10 app for all of the information you need to know, everything from parking and road closures to what you can and cannot bring to the parkway. this morning philadelphia police are searching for an atv rider who hit a police captain and never stopped. it struck the captain at bridge and thompson streets in the bridesburg neighborhood yesterday afternoon. we're told the captain is doing okay, did not need medical treatment. the atv rider was last seen traveling on richmond street. if you have information in this case, call philadelphia police. 5:35. it was painful to watch in more ways than one. the birds lost an ugly one yesterday to the dallas cowboys. and two key injuries could give chip kelly's team a further uphill battle. kiko alonso injured the same knee that kept him out. and mychal kendricks left with a
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hamstring injury. no word how long he will be out. to the game, sam bradford, threw two interceptions including this pick when the eagles were threatening to score. dallas doubled the eagles time of possession. cowboys 20, eagles 10. >> eagles fans began the season with high hopes but two games in with two losses fans are second guessing chip kelly and sam bradford. randy spoke to some fans last night. >> he threw it to his defender unfortunately, it wasn't a very good play. >> he threw a goal on pick. >> i don't understand it. it's a play call and it's offensive line, the defensive line, the play calling, everything, i don't understand it. >> the home crowd has a few weeks to recover from yesterday's loss before heading back to the link. the eagles have two away games before hosting the saints in
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week five. check out the front cover of the philadelphia daily news. it shows a rather unhappy sam bradford asking the question sam, the sham? look at this cartoon from this seems to reflect the frustration. a bradford jersey in red ink and saying well, it was fun while it lasted. >> yesterday's loss won't stop the eagles from showing up today as part of the team's eagles care community initiative. players will be at the children's hospital this afternoon to spend time with patients and bring along some surprises for them. monday is typically an off day during regular season so the team decided to devote mondays to serving the community. >> you can call it the papal play list. spotify put together tracks for pope francis. we'll tell you which songs made the list. you got to hear this.
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and climbing in the polls, republican presidential candidate carly fiorina has gone from an after thought to contender. how she is shaping up against donald trump this morning. >> it's on the cooler side this morning. at the shore it's even cooler with the wind coming in off of that ocean. so you may need a little bit of a jacket. especially at the shore.
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it's a dry start to the day and cooler start, that wind is coming out of the northeast. that continues to bring in the cooler air. you can see it's 48 at mount pocono, 52 degrees in doylestown. coming right down from new england, and you can feel it out there. 61 in philadelphia. 60 in wilmington. and 52 degrees in wrightstown. the closer you are to new york
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city, the cooler it is. plus we have a wind coming in off the ocean making it feel cooler right at the beaches and it's not going to warm up much with that wind all day. the clouds are moving from southwest to northeast, couple of sprinkles in northern virginia but more significant rain in the southwestern part of the state. that's what we're going to have to be watching for later today because there are some computer models that show an increase in moisture and shower threats as we go through the afternoon, and that's from berks county through the philadelphia area, and into delaware. that's more than a couple little showers. other computer models not quite as aggressive with that moisture. may want to take an umbrella just in case. mostly cloudy, cooler, a chance of showers especially out to the south and to the west. highs only in the low 70s. seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's hope this doesn't turn
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into anything major but there is an accident on 95. >> jessica is keeping her eye on it. >> i would say we're starting to see the morning rush hour starting to get up behind this accident and now we have major backup. right now a multivehicle accident, a few lanes lost on 95, these are cameras in between academy road and cottman avenue. you can see the drive time here already at 23 minutes, we're inically about 12 minutes between wood haven to the vine street expressway. you can see the backup all lanes jammed and almost at a standstill behind this scene. we have police activity here and also dealing with construction. so, all of that traffic into one to two lanes and trying to funnel by this scene. we'll keep you updated on the drive times and the clean up. watch out if you're in bristol for an accident closing durham road both directions north and southbound near new falls road
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so. new falls road is in here, intersects with durham so take new rodgers road to get through, you can see that's in the green so far. coming up more on that accident on 95. hey, with the way the eagles are playing we've got good news. it's hockey season. the flyers take on the islands tonight. what's making this game an historic one. then this. >> praying to god saying please don't blow up. >> a massive yacht fire caught on camera and this morning we're hearing from the fisherman who helped rescue the three adults and child trapped on the burning boat.
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today a former peanut company executive is expected to be sentenced for his role in a salmonella outbreak that killed nine people. jurors found him guilty of knowingly selling tainted peanut butter and falsifying results. prosecutors are recommending a life spts. >> it was a close call off the coast of texas this weekend after a yacht caught fire in the galveston bay. the terrifying moments were captured on cell phone video. on board four people including a child. the yacht was in flames and
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starting to sink when help arrived. it came from two fishermen who chartered a boat. >> the screaming, throw the kid, throw the kid, get him in the water. that was my initial priority was get him safe and on my boat. i way practicesing please don't blow up because you know, in that situation and the flames were so tall it was just a miracle that we got them all to safety. >> the owner says the fire started in the engine. the coast guard is continuing to investigate. >> the girl scouts will hold a ground breaking to mark a $5 million investment in its camps. it happens this afternoon at camp shelly ridge in montgomery county. this is part of the scouts campaign for girls, the organization is hoping to spruce up three campsites with that money. >> it will be a history making event tonight in the lehigh valley. the flyers taking on the new york islanders at the ppl
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center. it's the team's first preseason game and will be the first ever nhl game played in the lehigh valley. the ppl center is home to the aal affiliate. the two take the ice at 7:00. speaking of the lehigh valley it's pretty chilly right now. about 52 degrees in allentown. cooler than it was last week. the trend is going to continue. possible showers moving into parts of the area. and a look ahead at the big weekend, of course the weather's going to be very critical there. not a lot of wind right now but just enough coming out of the northeast to cool us off. 61 degrees, mostly cloudy skies. 10 degrees cooler than it was at this time yesterday.
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now up to 53 in allentown, and after being 52 an hour ago. you can see a lot of places in the 50s this morning. it's not going to warm up a whole lot today. part of the reason is all this cloud cover moving up from the southwest. these are high level clouds, 20, 30,000 feet up in the atmosphere. it takes a while to marchen up to produce rain. there is a little bit of shower activity in northern virginia. the main area is by roanoke. in southwestern virginia and that would take most of the day to get here if not the entire day. the futurecast shows at least a few showers around parts of the area as we go through the day today. and even more coming in during the day tomorrow. mostly cloudy, cooler with a chance of showers, especially in delaware and south jersey. high temperatures in the low
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70s. and the seven-day forecast, another mostly cloudy day tomorrow, a chance of morning showers, then it warms up a little bit as we go toward the middle of the week. and clouds up late in the week. >> about 10 minutes until 6:00. already some problems out there on the roads. >> we're watching a backup now because of an accident on 95. nbc 10's jessica boyington will show us what's happening. >> what we're dealing with is drive time increase now where we have 20-minute delays at least behind this accident scene. only going to get worse as this accident scene stays active. you can see police activity between academy road and cottman avenue. a backup behind there. our drive time southbound from wood haven to the vine expressway, like i said add on at least 20 minutes so far because now we're at 31 minutes and the drive time is typically 10 to 11 to 12 at the most with no traffic in the area. we have several lanes restricted
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and moving through the work zone so several distractions. we'll have more for this on this accident scene in the 6:00 hour. >> if you wonder what happens behind the scenes, wonder no more. find out through the eyes of periscope. it's a cool app you can download that lets you see live broadcasts from behind the scenes. >> basically what happens is during the commercial breaks we take a moment to talk to our friends on periscope. follow us using the app periscope, our address is nbc philadelphia. >> then ask rosemary what she did this weekend. it was a busy weekend for her. does driving a red car lead to higher insurance rates? does insurance replace items that might be stolen from your car? plus, will he or won't he run? what dr. jill biden is saying about her husband's possibly entering the race for the white house.
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♪ with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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new this morning, red is a popular choice for cars. that's in spite of the fact nearly half of americans believe that the color affects your
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insurance rate. a report released by insurance debunks that myth. it says the color does not affect insurance. if you think items stolen from your car are covered by insurance, well, then you're wrong about that too. unfortunately that, too, is also a myth. on to decision 2016 now. vice president joe biden's wife is weighing in on the pocket of her husband running for the highest office. dr. jill biden's communications director released a statement last night saying jill would be, quote, on board if her husband does decide to run. but stressed that the v.p. has not made a decision. we know that. earlier reports suggested that jill biden was not supportive of a presidential run. the deadline to submit a bid for the presidency is november 5. republican candidate carly fiorina is challenging donald trump. after a strong debate she is in second place in cnn's latest poll edging out dr. carson.
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trump sits in the lead but lost 8 points this month. still 44% saw him as the candidate who could best handle the economy. in her first sunday show appearance in four years, democrat hillary clinton called trump out. >> he is fueling a level of paranoia and prejudice. >> in that same poll that we just referenced wisconsin governor scott walker scored less than half of a percentage point. he was once the gop's leading candidate. that poll was conducted before dr. ben carson came under fire for comments he made on nbc's "meet the press." >> no, i don't. i do not. i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> now that came in the wake of the controversy involving donald trump's comments or lack of comments when he declined to correct a man who said president obama was muslim and not
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american. >> you judge candidates for president not on their religion, not on the color of their skin, but on their ideas on what they stand for. that's what democracy is supposed to be about. >> bernie sanders speaking there. ben carson's campaign clarified saying he has great respect for the muslim community and believes a muslim should be allowed to run. he doesn't believe the american people are ready for that. if you want to take a swing at donald trump you may have your chance. a store in los angeles is selling pinatas in the shape of the gop front-runner. even the hair there. jack's whole sale candy and toy company has been selling through their stock of the pinata, and in spite of a higher cost these are a big hit. people are paying $30 which is more than double the price of jack's others, all to take a whack at the donald, 10 to 15 pounds of candy is stuffed
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inside donald trump and of course that's probably just an added bonus. a noter dame professor is credited with creating a dynamic musical play list for the pope. ahead of his visit to the u.s. streaming music service spotify reached out to tim o'malley who created this 53-song list from mozart to motown philly. and bruce springsteen's streets of philadelphia. and many of the songs are hymns and songs that will be sung at events. speaking of music, a group of dancers tangoed in love park, a tribute to the popes roots. yesterday's dance session was a warm-up of sorts, a pre-arrival welcome performance for the pontiff. next saturday we'll see this. members from the tango school are scheduled to take the stage at independence hall. there is a huge lineup of entertainment scheduled ahead of the pope's speech at
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independence hall ahead of his appearance at the festival of families. >> the pope known to have -- be light on his toes. >> that's one thing when jim traveled to buenos aires he brought us interviews with people who remember the pope taking tango lessons and one of his passions. >> that would be something to see. >> who knew. >> appreciate it. >> thank you, chris. you're watching "nbc 10 news." welcoming the world. the pope has a couple of stops before he comes to philadelphia. the city of brotherly love is already rolling out the red carpet for the world meeting of families. >> a live look at boathouse row. clouds are moving in. we're tracking possible showers during the evening commute. this is nbc 10 news today.
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i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm vai sikahema. i'm still smarting from that loss last night. my gosh. i can't believe that happened. we need cooler weather. maybe turn to glenn for that. can you help us out? >> i'm still dreaming. it was a nightmare, wasn't it. >> unbelievable. >> watching eagles games for over 50 years, that was the worst that i think the worst i've seen. we have more clouds that have started moving into the area overnight. they are high clouds so it's not really raining. at least close by. but there are a couple of showers in northern virginia and southwestern virginia, there's a lot more activity and that's what could potentially affect us later today or tonight. at 61 degrees in philadelphia now, in the 50s in much of pennsylvania and parts of new jersey. so it's a lot cooler than it was yesterday. about 10 degrees co


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